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Business Opportunities come in many shapes, size, forms & prices. For those considering starting a business (home business part-time or franchise) Typically the more successful a business model is, the more it cost to start(ie Franchise). While Watkins is the exception (and not a ‘true’ franchise), lets look at a company most of us are familiar with. A primeĀ  example is KFC. The typical investment required is between $1200000-$1800000. There is an initial $25,000 franchise fee, and an ongoing 4% royalty fee. Not bad for a man who started with nothing but a dream and a burning desire to succeed. His first franchisee’ signed up in 1952. 57 years later KFC is a household name.

Why is KFC a successful franchise? Simply stated they have a proven duplicatable method for making money. The process for making the chicken is the same regardless where the KFC is located. Whether your in Texas, the Czech Republic or Vietnam, the chicken you order will have the same taste. What is the key factor in determining a successful business? A history of success and the ability for it to be duplicated.

Which brings me to my home based business: Watkins. How does it compare with KFC? For starters, they have been in business 83 years longer than KFC. Ever heard of the “Money Back Guarantee”? Yep, that was them too. How about direct marketing (think Avon) once again they were the first. Specializing in American made (featuring many natural & organic) products, the have built an American legacy of the perfect duplicatable business opportunity. With a history like that your probably wondering how can the average person afford to start their own business. Surprisingly, to become a Watkins Associate requires only $39.95.

Now there are many different ways to run a Watkins business. The details of which I won’t get into here. I will tell you though that the most successful “group” in Watkins is an organization called “The Summit Group”. For the past 19 years they have mastered a simple 2-step business model anyone can do part-time from home. The information to learn how to become a part of this successful organization is free. It explains in plain english with no hype or BS exactly what you can expect from your Watkins business. For a “Free Business Evaluation Kit” with no obligation, click here.

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