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Bill Porter’s Recipe for a Home Business

Recipe for Home Business

Recipe for Home Business

Recipe for Success in a Home Business

If you ask most people what recipe for success is (home business or otherwise), you will get many different answers. Typically though, I think most people have in their mind that someone who is successful in a home business has a certain set of characteristics (recipe for success if you will). We tend to think of successful people as having natural talent, usually tall & extremely good looking. Maybe even athletic and charismatic. What do you do if you want  to be independent in a home business and don’t have these traits? Bill Porter is an example of a man who’s recipe for success doesn’t have the usual earmarks we’re accustomed to seeing.

Many people came to know Bill Porter from the portrayal of him by William H. Macy in a movie on TNT called "Door to Door" in 2002. It’s is based on the true life story of Bill Porter’s success in a home business from Watkins. There are many people that have a  successful home business in Watkins. What makes him so special? Remember the traditional recipe for success we spoke of earlier. Bill didn’t fit it. "Broke the Mold" if you will.

Bill was born with cerebral palsy in 1932. That made the task of daily living quite a challenge for him. None the less, he was determined (with encouragement from his mother) to be independent and successful in his home business. And he did it the hard way. Door to Door. No Internet, slick online marketing methods, spam or pop-ups. His recipe was hard work and perseverance.

I can’t due justice to Bill and his story here. I encourage you to buy, rent or Netflix his story at your convenience. His is an inspiring story for all.

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