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Monthly Archive for November, 2009

Watkins 2′fer Tuesday

Watkins Home Business
Can you tell I’ve listened to a LOT of radio in my life…lol! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the dual home business models that Watkins offers for an associate to build a part-time home business. The first & probably most familiar is the Watkins “traditional” model, which is retail. Now within that [...]

EZ Cake Recipe :)

For those that don’t know, I LOVE to cook! Collecting recipes is a byproduct of this love. My favorite recipes are simple, quick & tasty. Until I used this EZ recipe though, i’ve never “baked” anything other than a casserole. Watkins has now made me a master baker using their mix and a simple recipe.  [...]

Franchise for $40

Franchise Opportunity
Business Opportunities come in many shapes, size, forms & prices. For those considering starting a business (home business part-time or franchise) Typically the more successful a business model is, the more it cost to start(ie Franchise). While Watkins is the exception (and not a ‘true’ franchise), lets look at a company most of us [...]

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