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Recipe for Cloning a Home Business

Recipe for Cloning a Home Business

Recipe for Cloning a Home Business

Home Business Cloning Recipe

Ever wished you could "clone" yourself. Get multiple things done at the same time? Ala Michael Keaton in Multiplicity. How great would it be to have a recipe to clone yourself! Doing multiple tasks at the same time, how cool would that be?! Just a dream right? Maybe not. Not necessarily a secret, but it is a little known recipe to clone (duplicate) your efforts in a home business.

Have you ever thought: "If I only could be in 2 places at once?". I think we all probably have. Typically most of us want the freedom of more time. Usually more time is paid for with more money. But what is the recipe for more money? For many (moi included) the recipe is a home business. One that offers the flexibility to work part-time (online) to earn extra money.

I have looked high and low for such a home business recipe that is right for me. What I found was Watkins. Why Watkins? Simple: the Watkins business allows you the freedom to earn an income through the efforts of other peoples efforts (clone). Instead of paying millions to advertise on TV, Watkins pays associates to spread the word through word of mouth. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant you loved, or seen a great movie & told someone about it? Did the restaurant or movie theater pay you for your recommendation? Hmm.. If it were possible to tell others about something that is really cool (watkins) and they told other people (clone) and you get paid, wouldn’t you at least consider it?

While I’m no Billy Mays (his clone possibly),but I have found a fun, simple recipe for building a home business. If you would like more information (free of pressure or hype) let me know.

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