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Home Based Business Perspective

Different Perspective

Different Perspective

A Different Perspective On A Home Based Business

To start the discussion of  “different perspectives” check out my photograph “Colors” above. It was taken locally here in Texas. Now I’m not the first person to take a picture of the American flag; by any stretch of the imagination, nonetheless I think it ain’t half bad. I’m sure your wondering, “What in the world does this have to do about having a home based business?”. To which I answer: “More than you might think.

There are many parallels between how this photograph came to be and how I build my home based business. For one, I didn’t “go out” to photograph that day. I was coming home from work (day job) and stopped in a local banks parking lot to take this picture. This is also one of the ways I build my home based business. I don’t “go out” to work my home based business. I work my home based business when I go out. Grocery store, movies, restaurant etc. I’m always passing out my business card to potential candidates.

Tweaking. Yes, the photograph was “tweaked” a little in Paint Shop Pro. It is still an uncropped original photograph, I just tweaked the colors a “little”. The same with my daily activities. I still work my full time job while building my home based business. I still spend time with my family and enjoy my hobbies. I just tweak a few things to get the time in I need to build my home based business. To start off, I add 30 minutes to my day by getting up a half hour earlier. On my days off (from my day job) I “block” out a specified amount of time for my online business building and related activities. As I stated before, I also work my home based business when I’m out and about. The amount of time it takes to build your own home based business will depend on the individual. Starting out a good rule of thumb is to spend at least 10 minutes a day. It is important to do something regarding your business everyday. Skipping one day can lead down that slippery slope to where, before you no it, a month has gone by.

The third similarity between my photograph and my home based business is cost. You can have tremendous results without having to plop down a lot of cash. For the photograph above, I used a $99 Radio Shack 5 mega-pixel camera my wife had gotten me for Fathers Day. I’ve used it to take thousands of photographs. Great bang for the buck. On the home based business side, $39.95.

So what does it all mean. Simply put, you don’t have to drastically alter how you live your life day to day to build a home based business. Working part-time you can generate a substantial income using the tools available from the “Summit Group”. It is a tried and true turnkey business plan that is so simple, it consists of just 2 steps. Hmmmm…. low cost, simple way to make money at home without quitting your day job, the only question is: “Are you ready?”

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