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Monthly Archive for January, 2010

Personality Tests

Personality Tests to Help You Shine
My day job is working for the largest employer in our city. We have close too 2,500 employees. Today I went to a training class where they did this personality test. Found it to be not only interesting, but also “spot on”. Apparently I’m not the only one that finds [...]

Build a Home Business Using GPS

GPS Navigation for a Home Business
2009 was a tough year for a lot of people. Even those that came through unscathed, it still put a little seed in their head “next time that could be me.” For those of you that have decided to make way of your “Plan B” I have some excellent news [...]

Home Based Business Tools

Tools for a Home Based Business
What is the best home based business out there? You might be surprised by my answer! The BEST Home Based Business is one YOU enjoy. I have made my choice, it may not be for you. As a matter of fact very few people will be able to see the [...]

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