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Build a Home Business Using GPS

Show me the way

Show me the way

GPS Navigation for a Home Business

2009 was a tough year for a lot of people. Even those that came through unscathed, it still put a little seed in their head “next time that could be me.” For those of you that have decided to make way of your “Plan B” I have some excellent news for you. Now is a perfect time to start a home business with the Summit Group/Watkins organization. Why is that? you might ask. Simple, for over 140 years Watkins has been offering natural products to enhance the lives of families. These are products that we all use on a daily basis, products ike nutrition, things for cooking, health, personal care and cleaning. They’re great quality at reasonable prices that people use in their home anyway.

What Kind of Home Business is it?

So now your thinking, “I don’t want to sell products!” Neither do I, and that is not what the core principal behind the Summit Group/Watkins home business is. For a complete A-Z explanation of this home business opportunity click here. For the “Cliff’s Notes” version, read on. The concept is really quite simple, it is however one that most of us are not familiar with. Typically when a company decides to market products they choose venues like Super Bowl Ads, Radio, Newspaper etc. Watkins pioneered a different way of marketing starting in 1868. Instead of relying on traditional forms of advertising, they relied on word-of-mouth. Advertising dollars that typically would go to expensive TV commercials or newspapers is instead paid to individuals who spread the word of Watkins personally.

Home Business 101 vs. Sams

To put this concept in terms most of us can understand, consider this. To join a Sams club you pay an annual fee of about $40. For this $40 you are allowed to shop in Sams and buy products at a discount. This discount is typically 5%-10%. Now if you decide to join a Summit Group/Watkins “club” you pay $39.95, about the same as a Sams membership. The discount you receive however is 25%-39% (depending on the size of your business). Now in our Sams scenario, if you tell other people about how great a Sams club membership is and they join and buy products; you don’t event receive a thank you card. If however, you join a Summit Group/Watkins home business, buy products for yourself at 25%-39% discount, then tell others how they can do the same, Watkins will pay you 5%-10% for sales that result from you advertising their products. Contrast that with the Sams analogy. If you get a Sams Club membership, tell others how great you think it is, they get their own membership and start buying Sams products, how much do you think Sams will pay you? Exactly nada.

So where to go from here? The GPS of this program is provided by the Summit Group. Watkins business model has been in place for over 140 years. The past 20 years the Summit Group has successfully become the single largest organization in Watkins. This is because they have perfected a proven business model for building a home business. The tools they have put in place are like having a GPS to building a successful home business. How can I be sure it works? Simply put, your reading this. To learn about how to build your own home business online go here. Follow the steps outlined and you will have all you need to make a decision without any hype, BS or pressure. Either you can see the power of this home business or you can’t. If you can……..don’t delay.

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Watkins Independent Associate #386886
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Wakins Home Business

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