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Don’t Drink the Water

Toxic H2O?

Toxic H2O?

Testing the Home Business Waters

As a child I can still remember my mom cautioning me “Don’t drink the water!”. I loved playing outdoors and not want to come in the house for water, what is the logical thing to do? Drink out of the water hose of course. I asked her why I couldn’t drink water from the hose and she told me about pesticides or chemicals that might be on the hose. Things we couldn’t see, but could still be harmful. At that young age, I’ll admit I couldn’t really understand her caution. Now did she mean to never drink water? Of course not, but to make informed choices about where I chose to drink from. Choosing a home business to earn extra money should be made after careful consideration also.

Due to the current economic situation, many people are looking for ways to earn extra money in their own home business. Before testing the waters however, caution should be observed. Unfortunately there are people who make a living off scamming others. It is an unfortunate reality we all have to deal with. It is especially prevalent in the home business opportunity community. Many people desperate to earn extra money for their families tragically fall victim to these scoundrels. If anyone is promising instant riches, beware. That being said, don’t let a few bad apples keep you from drinking the water of a home business opportunity. Be aware and use common sense. Too often the “Newest” opportunity is the one we consider. There is something to be said for watching for new opportunities, just use your head.

While new is fine for some, I chose to go “Old School”. My Watkins home business is building off of a legacy of 141 years in business. With failure rates for businesses at over 50%, makes you think they “might” just now what they’re doing! Watkins products have been used by families to help enhance their health and natural living for over a century. Watkins pioneered the “Money Back Guarantee” along with the Direct Selling business model. For as long as families have trusted Watkins natural products, entrepreneurs have been earning money. Watkins now carries over 350 products. While most people may be familiar with Watkins vanilla, black pepper & cinnamon, that is not all they offer. Besides Watkins natural and organic spices and extracts, they now also have natural body care, natural home remedies and natural plant-based cleaners. While natural and green products are now “in fashion”, Watkins has been in the natural and green business for 141 years.

When it comes to “Green” Watkins puts it’s money where it’s mouth is. Besides having green and natural products, they work daily to reduce waste and make a positive impact on the earth. For example:

  • Eliminate waste by utilizing Lean business and manufacturing practices and streamlining operations
  • Each of Watkins vendors is encouraged to use renewable energy and to cut waste
  • By using lighter weight product packaging, Watkins has saved thousands of pound of plastic from waste
  • Watkins uses a gravity fed filling process to fill their bulk dry mixes. This conserves energy that would normally be used to power a conveyor or pneumatic system
  • Watkins uses e-communications and encourages customers, Associates and vendors to obtain information online instead of print
  • Soy-based ink is used in printed marketing materials
  • Biodegradable packing materials are used
  • Watkins also adheres to a strict paper, plastic and aluminum recycling program

So as you continue your search for a home based business, please consider the longevity of whatever opportunity you find. If you can find a greener more natural business that has been in business longer than Watkins, give it careful consideration. If not, consider the Watkins opportunity.

David Blalock
Watkins Independent Associate #386886
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