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Making Money in a Tough Economy

Tough Times in New Decade

Tough Times in New Decade

Making Money in the New Decade

The newspaper clipping is from our local paper today. It talks about some of the realities Americans are facing regarding making money in these tough economic times. I don’t think it’s really necessary to spend a lot of time lamenting the current economic condition. We all know that the economy took a big hit last year, and that for a lot of Americans, making money is more of a struggle. Even if you were fortunate enough to not have been impacted by the dismal economy, it’s still important to be prepared. Having a second plan for making money is a wise thing to do. As the old adage goes: “It’s better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it.” With that being said, let’s look at some of the opportunities a Watkins home business has.

Making money in a Watkins home business is probably one of the easiest ways out there. No inventory is required, nor do you have to do any selling. There is an association in Watkins know as the Summit Group that has pioneered and perfected a “paint by number” system for making money.  This proprietary 2-step plan is available only when joining Watkins through an associate who is a member of the Summit Group. Just a few of the benefits of being with Watkins & the Summit Group are:

  • Free coaching, training and mentoring
  • Ability to earn immediate cash & ongoing residual income
  • Co-op ad program available
  • Free marketing and sales tools
  • Free weekly conference calls
  • Super-low start up costs & great income tax deductions
  • Opportunity to build a full time income working part time
  • Traditional or online marketing methods
  • Prizes, bonuses and free trips to exotic places
  • Free website to pre-screen candidates
  • Online training website and message board
  • Flexible Hours (leaves time for what’s truly important in your life)
  • In-demand products with 141 year impeccable reputation
  • Work at your own pace

Whether you decide that a Watkins Summit Group home business is for you or not, I strongly encourage you to have a Plan B. The time to have another option for making money is BEFORE you need it. If last year is to be a lesson at all, it is to know that the status quo is not a given. Anyones financial, health or living arrangements can change without warning. If you are serious about wanting to prepare your own Plan B, I would love to talk to you. You can click the link below for full details with no obligation. The thing you need to understand is, I will NOT try to convince anyone that they should join the Watkins Summit Group. I will however answer any questions you may have, in a low key, never high pressure manner. I strongly believe that once anyone who truly understands the potential that is available (to make money and have more free time) they will see it as a no brainer. If you decide that now is not the time for you to get involved, no harm no foul. At least you won’t be left with that nagging feeling of “I wish I had checked that out.”

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