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Top 10 Truths about Your Financial Future

Top 10 TRUTHS You Must Change if You Want Financial Freedom!

TRUTH:  Day in and day out you can drag your body out of bed, fight a long commute to a job that you hate, work with people who do not share your values and still only  be living from pay-check [...]

Watkins Supplements

Watkins Supplements
I’m currently taking 5 different Watkins Supplements for my health. I thought I would share a little info about why I chose to switch to Watkins Supplements. For the full line of Watkins Supplements click here.
Why did I choose Watkins Supplements? For several reasons, but the main one is they’re from Watkins. From my [...]

Watkins Immunergy:Natural Energy Drink

Watkins Immunergy

Energy Drink
Watkins is proud to introduce their newest product available February: Watkins Immunergy. This energy drink is the first product in this category of natural products. Yea, I know what your thinking, energy drink and “natural” typically don’t go hand in hand. But then you have to consider the company; Watkins. Natural is what [...]

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