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Personality Tests

Shine On!

Shine On!

Personality Tests to Help You Shine

My day job is working for the largest employer in our city. We have close too 2,500 employees. Today I went to a training class where they did this personality test. Found it to be not only interesting, but also “spot on”. Apparently I’m not the only one that finds personality tests interesting, just look at the results for “Personality Tests” in Google. Amazing! Of course the thing about this and all personality tests for that matter, is they point out the many common traits we all share. One of my favorite quotes: “Remember your unique, just like everyone else.” Seriously though, I do believe understanding how I react to certain different personalities will make it easier to find a common ground, both in my day job & especially as I grow my home based business. So without any further ado, here we go:

Color Personality Tests

O.K. the thing you want to do is work across each row of four words horizontally. In the space next to the word place a 4, 3, 2, or a 1 with 4= most like you and 1= least like you. Each word across must have a different number. Take for instance the first line, my answers were 4 Cautious    3 Content   2Playful   1Risk Taker. Now it’s YOUR turn.

Personality Tests

Personality Tests

Now you have 4 columns with 4 totals. The column with the largest # is your dominant personality type, the second highest # is the next most influential personality trait. Now for the colors. The first column is green, the second blue, the third yellow, and the fourth red. Now, what does the personality test color tell me about myself?

Your Personality Test Color

1st Column: Green Personality: Helper & Supporter

If you scored big on Green you live in a world of intangibles. This is a world where hopes, dreams and emotions are of utmost importance. Looking at the big picture, you are not detail oriented, & like to explore possibilities & alternative ways of doing things. You march to your own drummer and frequently find that other people are “out of step”. You will find that this often puts pressure on your relationships. Possessing a rich vivid imagination you thrive in an atmosphere that encourages the use of your creative abilities & talent. Due to a highly developed intuition, you seem to be able to sense what others are feeling.

1. Supportive
2. Agreeable
3. Loyal
4. Self-control
5. Consistent
6. Good Listener
7. Personal relationship development

Ideal situation
1. Sincere appreciation by others
2. Minimal conflict between people
3. Security
4. Acknowledgment of work
5. Limited territory
6. Traditional procedures
7. Opportunity to develop personal relationships

1. Resist change
2. Trouble making deadlines
3. Overly lenient with people
4. Procrastinates
5. Indecisive
6. Holds grudges
7. Overly possessive
8. Lack initiative

Needs others to provide
1. Push to try new challenges
2. Help in solving difficult problems
3. Initiative and accepting change

Personal growth area
1. Facing confrontation and dealing with it
2. Moving at a faster pace and initiating


2nd Column: Blue Personality: Analytical/Organizer

A Blue personality is an emotionally driven personality, using the 5 senses. You need to be liked & accepted. Because of this “need” it  can cause apprehension in your personality. Blue’s are polite, cooperative and seek to create conflict-free enviroments. You have a highly developed power of observation. Blue’s often find themselves in the role of being a caretaker because family is important to them.

1. Orderliness
2. Conscientious
3. Disciplined
4. Precise
5. Thorough
6. Diplomatic
7. Analytical

Ideal situation
1. Being able to concentrate on detail
2. Opportunities to critique
3. Stable surroundings and procedures
4. Exact job description, expectations
5. Opportunities for “careful” planning
6. Sufficient time to do things right
7. Opportunities for reassurance from peers

1. Indecisive (looking at all data)
2. Get bogged down in details
3. Rigid on the “how-to’s”
4. Avoids controversy
5. Low self esteem
6. Hesitant to try new things
7. Sensitive to criticism
8. Can be pessimistic

Needs others to provide
1. Quick decision making
2. Optimism
3. Help in persuading others

Personal growth area
1. Be more open with their feelings
2. Be more optimistic


3rd Column: Yellow Personality: Creative/Performer

As a yellow you are self-confident & will challenge anything & everything. Be it authority, rules or established ways of thinking. This tendency to question everything can create a strained atmosphere in both business and personal situations. Yellows are interested in theories, abstractions, innovations & change. You are a conceptual deep thinker & enjoy getting “lost in your head” as a way of exploring new ideas & looking for innovative ways to make a difference. Possessing true “out-of-the-box” vision you are adept at multi-tasking; you find great pleasure in searching for the hidden meanings behind every day life.

1. Optimism
2. Enthusiasm
3. Makes good impressions
4. Verbally articulate
5. Likes to help others
6. Creates entertaining climate

Ideal situation
1. Friendly warm environment
2. Freedom from control
3. Public recognition of ability
4. Opportunity to talk
5. Positive reinforcement
6. Enthusiastic response to ideas

1. Following through
2. Overestimating results
3. Misjudging capabilities
4. Talks too much
5. Acts impulsively
6. Jumps to conclusions
7. Over commits
8. Acts first, thinks second

Needs others to provide
1. Follow through on details
2. Focus on tasks
3. Logical approach

Personal growth area
1. Time awareness
2. Objectivity in decision making


4th Column: Red Personality: Leader/Promoter

Being red indicates life’s experiences must make sense to you. Red’s are logical, practical & do not display emotions easily. Because of your desire for structure, as a red you seek control of both your surroundings & people. You are sometimes seen by others as domineering. You are punctual and may become irritated if you think your time is being wasted. As a natural leader, you are driven by the need for power and control. What stresses you is lack of organization and last minute changes.

1. Getting immediate results
2. Making quick decisions
3. Persistence
4. Solving problems
5. Taking charge
6. Looking self reliant
7. Accepting challenges

Ideal situation
1. New varied activities
2. Opportunity to really get things done
3. Continual challenges, multi-tasking
4. Difficult assignments
5. Freedom to act from their instinct
6. Control over the situations
7. Direct answers from others, no innuendos

1. Insensitivity towards others
2. Impatient
3. Overlook risks
4. Inflexible & demanding of others
5. Talk too much
6. Inattentive to details at times
7. Resenting of restrictions

Needs others to provide
1. Attention to routine tasks
2. Caution
3. Focus on details and facts

Personal growth area
1. Greater patience
2. Sensitivity to others’ needs
3. Flexibility

Hope this little personality test will be of some use to you. Knowing the different types, you will find yourself putting people in categories with out even needing to use the worksheet. Being able to know what types of feedback different personalities require should make your day to day interactions more enjoyable.  :)

David Blalock
Watkins Independent Associate #386886
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