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Top 10 Truths about Your Financial Future

Pay Attention

Pay Attention

Top 10 TRUTHS You Must Change if You Want Financial Freedom!

  • TRUTH:  Day in and day out you can drag your body out of bed, fight a long commute to a job that you hate, work with people who do not share your values and still only  be living from pay-check to pay-check.  1 step forward & 2 steps back.
  • TRUTH:  Your boss will always determine what your salary or wages will be. He will pay you the minimum he has to for you to stay there. If you become to expensive, he will hire someone younger who will accept less money and “eliminate” your position. You have little or no control over establishing your true value to the company.  You will never be able to give yourself a raise & never earn your true worth.

TRUTH:  You can break your back to help your boss meet his or her profit objectives.  For your effort you earn a Holiday Ham, while your boss walks away with obscene bonuses. Or as happened this year with the company I work for; they eliminated the Holiday Ham altogether.  If things get tight for the company the board cuts your pension contributions and your benefits.

  • TRUTH:  You can work over-time, travel for the “good of the company” and have precious little time for your family.  Your marriage and your family suffer, while you help the stockholders meet their goals. But you never do meet your own goals or fulfill your dreams. You retire bitter, broke, resentful and depressed.
  • TRUTH:  You may spend countless hours in a little cubicle or at a work-station absolutely bored to tears with repetitive tasks for no appreciation or thanks – except the Holiday Ham (which was canceled due to the recession).
  • TRUTH:  Your boss dictates when you eat, take a break or visit the bathroom and the company still is never fully satisfied with your performance. The corporation stifles your raises while the top tier of executives get bonus after bonus.
  • TRUTH:  You work for years expecting to be promoted to a higher position with more pay but the job goes to the boss’s daughter who just graduated from college or to the cutest intern with the largest “resume’”.
  • TRUTH:  Your employer demands that you give your mind, body, soul and loyalty to the company, while at the slightest shift in the company’s fortunes your boss decides that you are no longer needed. While company policy dictates you must give a 2-week notice should you decide to leave, your termination is immediate and final.
  • TRUTH:  At the end of a long and fatiguing career you retire with a meager pension (maybe, if the company is still and business) and a Social Security check (doubtful) that offers only a substandard life-style for the rest of your life.  Depressing.
  • TRUTH: Wishing will not make it happen. The only way to change your future is to change yourself & take charge. If you continue to do what you’ve done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve gotten. Are you happy with what you got? “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results” Break away!

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Watkins Independent Associate #386886
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