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Watkins Supplements

Watkins Supplements

Watkins Supplements

Watkins Supplements

I’m currently taking 5 different Watkins Supplements for my health. I thought I would share a little info about why I chose to switch to Watkins Supplements. For the full line of Watkins Supplements click here.

Why did I choose Watkins Supplements? For several reasons, but the main one is they’re from Watkins. From my first taste of Watkins Cinnamon & Black Pepper, I knew Watkins products were different. Demonstrably different (it’s ok~ call my bluff, ask for a free sample) when you receive a Summit Group/Watkins consideration pack from me, I will include a sample of Watkins Cinnamon. Along with the Watkins Cinnamon will be a little “Test”, where you can see for yourself the difference in quality with Watkins products (and no, that does NOT mean they cost more). I digress, as I was saying the reason I chose Watkins Supplements is because Watkins Products have something going for them that no other company in the industry has: over 140 years of providing the finest quality products available to enhance your health and your life.

Since 1868 Watkins has been delivering the best in health and wellness. As a consequence it’s no surprise that Watkins Supplements work, and here’s why: They’re formulated to meet or exceed standards set by U.S. Pharmocopoeia & Good Manufacturing Practices~ which are the highest standards in the industry for:

  • Purity
  • Strenght & Potency
  • Disintegration & Dissolution
  • Quality

First purity: maintains that there has been no degradation during production or been contaminated by bacteria, (think Tylenol) heavy metal, or any other undesirable substances. Next is strength & potency: simply put, what nutrient and amount Watkins says is in the tablet, is. Disintegration & dissolution: this standard measures how fast a tablet breaks down so it can be absorbed. Quality: The gold standard of excellence that Watkins has hung it’s hat on for over 140 years.

Many people wrongly assume that the RDA (Recommended Dietary Allowance) for vitamins & minerals is the optimum amount. It is actually the minimum needed to prevent vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases. This is the reason Watkins provides therapeutic levels of ingredients to promote optimal health, not just the minimum to avoid deficiency. In fact recent research shows that much higher doses of some vitamins & minerals can enhance lives, including slowing aging processes & protecting the brain & heart. Some might worry about getting too much of one nutrient or conversely not enough of another. While this is quite possible for people who choose various supplements from different companies and product lines, it is not an issue with Watkins Supplements. Why? Because Watkins incorporates the “3 B’s”~ “scientifically blended, balanced & backed by research”.

In addition, Watkins uses beta carotene with mixed carotenoids, glucosamine hydrochloride & green tea~ some of the most beneficial ingredients for optimal results. Watkins also uses only ingredients that are shown to be absorbed & utilized by the body. Watkins uses their trademarked Bio-Activator Blend: this blend of black pepper & ginger has been used for thousands of years to stimulate circulation & digestion, which helps to enhance the effect of medicinals in the body. There are scientific studies that strongly suggest that ginger & black pepper may help to protect & maximize the potency of nutrients & vitamins in the body. In fact, Watkins Supplement line is formulated so all ingredients work together. As is always the case when discussing vitamins & supplements remember: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Watkins Independent Associate #386886
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