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DIY Home Based Business

DIY: Home Based Business
What is meant by a “DIY: Home Based Business”? The DIY stands for Do It Yourself, a Home Based Business is typically one that can be comfortably run from home (duh!) without having employees or a typical “brick & mortar” shop.The options for having a home business are virtually unlimited. The real [...]

Apple, Raisin “Stuffed Chicken Breasts” W/Curried Rice Recipe

Stuffed Chicken Breast Recipe
This is one of those cool recipes that is actually two in one. While it is simple (only takes about an hour) the results are marvelous. While the chicken bakes, the sauce and rice are prepared, resulting in a flavor explosion!

Stuffed Chicken Breast:
6  chicken breast halves (boneless, skinless)
1 cup diced apple
1/2 cup [...]

3 Tools to Jazz up Twitter, Facebook & Blogs

Cool HTML Symbols from @Stevestuff on Twitter
The symbols shown are just a sample of what Steve has available here: Steve Shearer Web Design. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or your blog for fun or marketing, these symbols will get you noticed. BTW, be sure to check out his blog, tons of useful tips, tricks [...]

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