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3 Tools to Jazz up Twitter, Facebook & Blogs

?Jazz up Twitter & Facebook?

Jazz up Twitter & Facebook

Cool HTML Symbols from @Stevestuff on Twitter


The symbols shown are just a sample of what Steve has available here: Steve Shearer Web Design. Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, Myspace or your blog for fun or marketing, these symbols will get you noticed. BTW, be sure to check out his blog, tons of useful tips, tricks and tools. He also does web design at extremely reasonable rates, so if your in the market be sure to check him out.


Animated Gif

Animated Gif

Animated Gif & Morph for Facebook, Myspace & Blogs

Really want a profile picture on Facebook that will turn heads? Check this program out. Squirlz Morph will allow you to create an animated gif or you can morph pictures. I created this animated gif of our Yellow Lab Dusty running. Cool huh?! Ever wanted to morph from yourself into your dog? Squirlz Morph will allow you to do that and more. Check ‘em out here: Squirlz Morph. Oh yeah did I mention that it’s FREE! Be sure to check out the links to the Youtube videos. Pretty Awesome stuff.


Dusty Star

Dusty Star

Free Photo Collage Software

If your looking for an easy quick way to make a photo collage, Shape Collage is for you. This the perfect tool to liven up your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter or Blog. With a simple interface, you can be making really cool photo collages literally in just minutes. The best part? It’s Free! Yep, you heard me, when used for personal use their is no charge. Want to use it in your business? The Pro version for business is only $45.

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