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7 Types of People that Become Distributors

Distributors Wanted

Distributors Wanted

7 Reasons People Become Product Distributors

According to the DSA (Direct Selling Association), people become direct selling distributors for one of seven reasons. Which one is you?:

1) Discount Buyers: These distributors are searching for product discounts and/or wholesale products.  Obviously price isn’t the “only” consideration. It doesn’t matter what the discount is if nobody wants to buy the product your distributing.

2) Goal Seekers: The person who is a “Goal Seeker”  distributor usually  gets involved with direct selling to make some quick cash for a specific purpose, such as Christmas, pay a bill or vacation. If their goal is short term, so is their life in product distribution.

3) Upwardly Mobile: Distributors who “truly” desire incremental income to improve their quality of life tend to be “Upwardly Mobile.”  As a result of their longer term goals and desires they tend to be long-term product distributors.

4) Social Butterflies: I think we all know the personality that likes to be the “Center of Attention” wherever they go.  These personalities desire social interaction & truly enjoy the “networking” of  “network marketing“. The guy or gal who likes “door-to-door” type sales & the well known method of “party plans”  meet the social interaction desires of these product distributors.

5) Overachievers: Product distributors who crave recognition are often the overachievers. Direct selling product distribution offers plenty of recognition. This recognition comes from conventions, distributor events, as well as through multiple titles. As a distributor grows their business, they will escalate up the organization in title & rank (not to mention income).

6) Product Advocates: The people that get into product distribution “backwards” are usually product advocates. How do you “back into” product distribution? Simply put, these people were introduced to a product that they fell in love with. Because of this deep connection with the product and it’s benefits, they desire to “share” the benefits of said product. These product advocates have such a drive & passion for helping other people that their enthusiasm & charisma carries them into joining the business.

7) Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Career people with a burning desire to succeed are the best classification for these distributors. They have the tendency to see the “whole picture” when it comes to building a residual income business. As a result, they set goals: “Plan their work & work their plan.” Most entrepreneurs weigh the pros and cons of any potential product distribution business, calculate the ROI, become true students of the business model & move forward; working each day to achieve their short & long term goals. Typically, entrepreneurs are very productive; and most were simply waiting for the right “vehicle” in which to drive to their success.

So, which category did you find yourself in? Many of us are probably a blend of two or more of these product distributor categories. Best of luck to each and every one of you who are seeking to enrich the lives of yourself and your family by helping others achieve their goals.

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Don't Let the Sun Set on Me

Don't Let the Sun Set on Me

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