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Home Based Business

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How to make money without selling in a Summit Group/Watkins business.

One of the first questions most people ask when first hearing about a Watkins home based business is “Do I have to sell?” Translation: “The only way to make money in a home business is selling, right?” The answer is actually no. The preferred method taught by the Summit Group to build your Watkins home business is not based upon the traditional sales model.

This is a hard concept for a lot of people to swallow. Especially anyone that knows anything about Watkins. Over 140 years ago Watkins pioneered the Direct Selling & Network Marketing industry. But, most people assume because of the World Famous Watkins products and catalogs that the only way to have a significant income is to sell. The side of Watkins that is often overlooked is the power of the Network Marketing. If you enjoy selling, you certainly can, bear in mind however that the EVERY SINGLE ONE of the top earners in Watkins have focused their time and energy on Network Marketing, NOT Direct Selling. As a matter of fact, the leader of the Summit Group makes over $20,000 a month, and has since 1997. It is his method that shows the true power of Network Marketing in Watkins.

My goal is in just the little space I have available here is to show you how Network Marketing can allow you to build a team that generates a monthly bonus income without anyone having to sell retail. I can tell you from personal experience that even when you concentrate only on Network Marketing, some retail sales will still occur. This is because of the quality products that have been offered by Watkins for over a century. When people that have used Watkins products before find out your a “Watkins Man or Woman” they will insist on making purchases! As a consequence your business will end up being a mix of retail and Network Marketing.

Why Isn’t Everyone Doing It?

Simply put, most people don’t understand how network marketing works. People that are introduced to Watkins automatically assume it’s like Avon. Most all of us has known someone who sells Avon products. We see them with their catalogs talking to friends and co-workers, or possibly seen Tupperware, Pampered Chef or some other similar company and figured it’s just the same. You may have actually met someone at a county fair or craft show with a Watkins booth selling products, it is just the most common way most of us have been exposed to the business. Another reason it’s not as noticeable in the mainstream is because of the inherent nature of how Network Marketing works. You typically won’t see a BIG network marketing recruiting booth set up at the county fair. Marketing is usually done below most peoples radar.

The Nuts & Bolts of Network Marketing

If your unfamiliar with Network Marketing, read on for the details in a nutshell. The concept is actually quite simple: A lot of people doing a little can be more productive than just one person doing a lot. Let me explain.

O.K. Remember the Avon and Tupperware Direct Selling example from earlier? Here’s how to relate it to Network Marketing in a way more of us are familiar with.

Imagine there was a company that opened large warehouse stores all around the U.S. And let’s further imagine that for a $45 annual “club fee” these stores would allow you to buy products from their store at a significant discount. The savings from just a few visits would quickly make up the annual “club fee”.

There is actually a company that has done just that. They have opened over 470 warehouses and sold 46 million people a “club fee” membership. These members spend 52 billion dollars in their stores. You know them as Costco, and millions have paid them $45 to join and buy at a discount.

Watkins vs. Costco

Let’s compare. For $39.95 you can start buying Watkins products at a discount of 25% or more. Pretty much same concept so far, pay a “club fee” to join and buy products at a discount.

Have you ever found a really good deal on something and then told your friends about it? Let’s say you tell your friends about Costco, and your friends buy a membership and start buying products at a discount. Will Costco send you a bonus check for 5%-10% of whatever your friends buy? Of course not. But get this; Watkins does! And if your friend tell others about Watkins, they can earn a bonus, and you can too.

Now you see how the concept of Network Marketing works. It works like this: you establish a group of people who join Watkins by paying their $39.95 “club fee”. These people are just like you, they’re not interested in selling products; just like the Costco analogy they join to buy products for their family with the associates discount. Seems simple doesn’t it? And it doesn’t take many¬† people doing that before your group can be using more Watkins products than the largest retail person in Watkins.

As I mentioned before, there’s a selling & a buying side to the Summit Group/Watkins business opportunity. Should you choose, you can retail products to friends, family, co-workers or customers. The buying side is the Network Marketing. Associates (like yourself) buy products for their own use. In the long run though, there is a LOT more power from the Network Marketing side than the retail side.

The core principal concept of Network Marketing is people helping people learn how to buy award winning natural products at a discount. Repeat after me: “It’s NOT about selling!”

Making Money in Network Marketing

Let’s get all hypothetical shall we. It all starts with you, let’s say you decide to join Watkins so you can save money buying stuff at a discount from Watkins instead of your local grocery or dollar store. And for the sake of this scenario you commit to transferring purchases to your own Watkins store at the tune of $100 a month.

Once you start saving money buying quality natural and organic products for Watkins, what do you do next? Just like in our Costco analogy; you tell others. Now suppose that you find 10 others who decide they want to have their own “buy & word of mouth” business to save & make money. And, like you they commit to “transfer buying” $100 (remember, these are products we’re already buying like: shampoo, deodorant, spices, lotion, vitamins etc.) per month. *FYI, there are no “monthly minimums” in Watkins. We’re using the hypothetical $100 per month as an examply of what a typical average monthly average may be. As always in life, some will do more, and some will do less.

In the scenario at this point, at the end of the month Watkins would calculate how much in products had been purchased from your team of 10, and then send you a bonus check of about $70. All you did to “earn” this was to tell others (word of mouth) and in the process you earned $70 + the discount of your own purchases.

But wait, there’s more. The next logical thing to do now is to help your team of 10 find their “10 team”. Reminder, nobody is looking for salespeople-what they’re actually looking for is “clones”. Clones of themselves, to do what they have done: buy/save, share/earn.

Looking forward; your 10 now have their 10. The group is now 110 strong, earning you not $70 monthly but $700! Wow, we don’t need no stinkin’ sales! Simply a process of people transfer buying products they’re already buying & telling others. Remember when we talked about how we would let folks no what a cool deal Costco was? How much is Costco going to send you monthly for your “word of mouth” efforts? Zilch, zero, nada, nein, NOTHING! Stop working for nothing, you deserve more for your efforts.

So taking it one step further: These 100 people find their “10 team” who want to buy/save, share/earn. Now we’re looking at 1,110 people in your organization. How does $5,000 per month sound? Pretty cool huh? But don’t miss the big picture; this is not a “work for” door-to-door like Avon income. Where each month you have to go out to your “customers” and get more orders. This is different, and the difference is the key. These people are just transferring the dollars they were already spending at their grocery and dollar stores to Watkins. They’re saving money in that process. As a consequence the $5,000 is a monthly income without going out and doing the work all over again.

Obviously your team wont grow exactly as our scenario above; and it doesn’t need to because you can still have a large thriving team. As your team grows, some groups will grow slower than expected and conversely, some faster. But seriously, what could be easier? Buying stuff at a discount (stuff your already buying elsewhere) & telling others how they can do the same.

What’s Your Plan B?

This is the real question you need to consider. What else out there can you do part-time from home, without selling or buying inventory that in a 3-5 year period with consistent and daily focused effort will allow you to be earning a significant RESIDUAL monthly income. Oh yeah, and for the measly sum of $39.95? And should you think this is just some fly-by-night get rich quick scam: consider this. Number 1, 3-5 years is not necessarily quick, and number 2-Watkins has been in business for over 140 years. What about where your working now? What if you get outsourced, or downsized, laid off, fired or the company relocates? What’s your Plan B?

Thanks for your indulgence, I know I was long winded with this one. My sincere wish is for your success in whatever endeavor you decide to choose. If for whatever reason this one does not appeal to you, I encourage you to seriously have a Plan B. I know all too well from personal experience that it’s significantly better to have your plan in place before you need it.

David Blalock
Bronze Trailblazer Consultant #386886
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Don't Let the Sun Set on Me
Don’t Let the Sun Set on Me

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