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My First 30 Days as a Vegetarian

Vegetarian Delight

Vegetarian Delight

Your Fortune Online

O.k. Health, wellness & vegetarianism; what does all this have to do with yourfortuneonline.com? Excellent question, I’m glad you asked! Simply put, your fortune isn’t just about money. My day job (as I build my home business online) is working on the cardiac unit at my hospital. One of the things I have learned from working there is that the amount of money you may have will be useless if you don’t have¬†your health to enjoy it. Because of this, I want to share what I’ve learned about health & nutrition along with how to build a home business online. Watkins is the perfect complement for anybody concerned about the health and wealth of their family. Watkins has specialized in offering quality natural products to families for over 141 years. In addition they have the perfect (imho) business opportunity available today. I just wanted to have a short explanation of why I include healthy recipes, wellness information along with steps to earning money in your home business. It is the melding of these aspects that create a more productive society.

My “Vegetarian Journey”

Well it’s been 30 days since my wife and I tried being vegetarian for the month of March. I’m happy to report that it was a roaring success. As a matter of fact, it has gone beyond the “test” stage & we are now full blown vegetarians. It has been a gradual trend that started last April when we changed our eating habits. We cut out red meat, fried foods & foods with high saturated fat. Late October 2009 I joined Watkins. I’ve really enjoyed being able to convert over to the Watkins Natural products that are available. Between eating better and using natural products, vegetarianism was not too much of a leap. The change came about for purely selfish reasons though, I must admit. Heart Disease runs in my family. The past 2 years I’ve been working on the Cardiac floor of the hospital. Seeing the pain and heartache patients and families have to deal with I decided I needed to make a change.

The Vegetarian Un-Meatloaf Recipe is Born

It has really been fun converting my conventional recipes to vegetarian. As a matter of fact, my favorite recipe (meatloaf) just got converted last night. *You can find the recipe here. It turned out awesome. The “Un-meat” I used has 0 fat and 8 g of protein. Way better for the heart than hamburger or turkey. My wife dubbed it the “Un-Meatloaf” lol! A lot of us have tried to make changes to healthier eating in the past. I can still remember trying to eat rice cakes and cottage cheese. Yuck! I wish I knew 20 years ago that it was possible to eat healthy, nutritious food that actually tastes good. It’s because of what I know now, that I didn’t know then; that I want to share healthy eating tips with others. It actually may be a benefit to others to see where I came from. Fried, and fat laden fast foods were a mainstay in my diet for years. Knowing that it is possible to go from McDonald’s Big Mac’s to Vegetarian Un-Meatloaf will show that anyone can make the change.

Speaking of change, check out VeganGal as she chronicles her adventure into Veganism during Lent: “40 Day Old Vegan” It is a daily account of her 40 days of veganism. The page I linked to has a video of her explaining veganism, as well as links explaining what Lent is. She also has several links to other Vegan Resources. Check it out.

Have a “Meat to Beet” vegetarian story you’d like to share? I’d love to hear from you, drop me an e-mail.

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