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The Diet Lie

Clinically Proven Vegetarian Diet

Clinically Proven Vegetarian Diet

Conventional wisdom concerning dieting is to eat less & exercise more. Simple huh? Problem is, any change you make in your life has to have 3 components.

  1. There has to be a “Core Desire” for change
  2. Have a “Proven Method” to follow
  3. Be sustainable

Why Diets Don’t Work

Now, people that do the typical “diet thing” usually don’t have the 1st component down. As a matter of fact I think most of us have been there. Ever heard these words: “I’ll try this new diet and see”. This should be your first clue it ‘ain’t gonna work.

Second, is eating less and exercising more a proven way to lose weight. Yes, and no. If you have the “Core Desire” and follow through, then yes it is. However the final component is what trips most people up. Is it sustainable. This simply means that day in and day out you are able to follow the changes you’ve made in your diet and continue to exercise. Many of the “Diets” I have read about aren’t sustainable.

Non-sustainability (if that is even a word) is often times a problem because of portion control. Less food in means less weight gained, simple math. Well, not so much. It has been clinically proven that a reduction in intake most often causes your body to say “hold on here, I’m starving” and hang on to fat. There is actually a “method” to eating that allows you to eat more and lose weight. I avoid calling it a diet because diets are usually short term strategies. This is actually a lifestyle change.

Clogged Artery Blaster Vegetarian Diet

The main difference between this program and other diets is that it has been clinically proven to work. Not only can you eat more and lose weight, it has been proven to be the only non-surgical way to reversing blockages to the heart. Let that sink in for a moment. You can actually have the benefits of a CABG (coronary artery bypass graft) without having surgery. Dean Ornish, MD is the doctor who made this discovery. You can read the details of his diet here on WebMD. And while it should be obvious, I am in no way connected to or profiting from Dr. Ornish, and ANY major lifestyle changes you make should first be made after consulting your personal physician.

With that being said, bet your wanting to start eating a “little” healthier now aren’t you! Here are some resources for ya!:

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