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Gluten-Free Watkins Products: Part 1

Since 1868

Since 1868

Gluten Free Products From Watkins

Searching for gluten free products from a company you can trust. One that has been in business for over a century, and invented the “Money Back Guarantee”? As they say on “Jeopardy” Alex, “What is Watkins?” :)

No Known Sources of Gluten*

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* Note from Watkins: The listed products do NOT contain a known source of gluten. But inasmuch as we have not tested each & every componint, we cannot guarantee that they are specifically “gluten free.”

Vinegar: There are varying schools of thought on whether Gluten sensitive individuals should use products containing Distilled White Vinegar. It is our position that this choice is up to the individual & his or her health care provider.

The products in the list do NOT contain vinegar.

Alcohol: The alcohol that Watkins uses is grain derived. While it is mostly corn, they cannot guarantee that there was not some gluten containing grains in the starting material. For this reason Watkins will not state that any product containing alcohol is gluten-free. It is up to the consumer to access the risk & act accordingly.

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