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Watkins 2′fer Tuesday

Watkins Home Business
Can you tell I’ve listened to a LOT of radio in my life…lol! Anyway, I wanted to talk about the dual home business models that Watkins offers for an associate to build a part-time home business. The first & probably most familiar is the Watkins “traditional” model, which is retail. Now within that [...]


“Time keeps on slipping, slipping into the future…” Kudos to the “Steve Miller Band” for that timeless classic. Ever notice how time just seems to just get away from you. “I need to make some extra money, but I just don’t have any time.” Sound familiar. Did to me too. That’s when I found out [...]

“Why Watkins?”

If you’ve been looking for ways to make extra money, you may be wondering “why should I consider Watkins?” Fair question. Ultimately it will be one you have to answer for yourself. I CAN tell you why I chose Watkins.
I was looking for products I could sell direct (like Avon, candles, etc.) When I searched [...]

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