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Watkins Plant-Based Natural Cleaners

Natural Plant-Based Cleaners for the Home From Watkins
Looking for non-toxic Natural Products to clean your home? How about Plan-Based Cleaners that are phosphate free and biodegradeable! All with 100% Money Back Guarantee from the companty that can back it up. Watkins has been providing products for families for 141 years. In all those years they’ve [...]

Earth Day 2010 and Watkins Natural Products

With Earth Day here upon us, I went back and re-read a post I did November 2009. The title: “Green Radar” It was an article speaking of all the things Watkins does to be environmentally green. As I was reading it I couldn’t help but think how Watkins has always been the pioneer in so [...]

Watkins vs Walmart

Watkins vs. Walmart

No brainer right? I mean come on, Walmart advertises the lowest prices, who you gonna believe. Is that really the question? Does your family deserve something better than what Walmart serves? And as far as prices go, I think your going to be pleasantly surprised. I know it’s popular to bash Walmart, that [...]

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