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Work From Home: No Selling Required

No Selling Required Home Based Business
How to make money without selling in a Summit Group/Watkins business.
One of the first questions most people ask when first hearing about a Watkins home based business is “Do I have to sell?” Translation: “The only way to make money in a home business is selling, right?” The answer is [...]

Home Based Business Tools

Tools for a Home Based Business
What is the best home based business out there? You might be surprised by my answer! The BEST Home Based Business is one YOU enjoy. I have made my choice, it may not be for you. As a matter of fact very few people will be able to see the [...]

Watkins Business Opportunity

Home Business Opportunity
What would having a home business do for you?
Are you looking to:
·    Save money on your monthly grocery budget. (2009 Price Comparison Sheet)
·    Pay off credit cards.
·    Make a car or house payment.
·    Pay for your children’s college education.
·    Pay for your children’s hobbies & extracurricular activities.
·    Take that special vacation that many have [...]

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