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Watkins vs Walmart

Watkins vs. Walmart

No brainer right? I mean come on, Walmart advertises the lowest prices, who you gonna believe. Is that really the question? Does your family deserve something better than what Walmart serves? And as far as prices go, I think your going to be pleasantly surprised. I know it’s popular to bash Walmart, that [...]

Don’t Drink the Water

Testing the Home Business Waters

As a child I can still remember my mom cautioning me “Don’t drink the water!”. I loved playing outdoors and not want to come in the house for water, what is the logical thing to do? Drink out of the water hose of course. I asked her why I couldn’t drink [...]

Wanted: Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs Wanted
I am looking for a particular type of person. The person I’m looking for is a self-starter. They are motivated, creative and able to follow a plan of action. It does not matter if your black, white, puerto rican, young or old, male or female. The type of person I’m looking for has a [...]

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