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Watkins “Classic” Potato Salad Recipe

“Traditional Style” Potato Salad Recipe
While I don’t think I will EVER find a potato salad recipe that will equal my mom’s, this one ain’t bad. As with all my cooking these past few months, the single biggest enhancement has been the use of Watkins Spices.

6 cups sliced cooked potatoes (still hot) with skin on
1.5 cups celery, sliced
2 [...]

Watkins Cinnamon

Watkins Cinnamon

Watkins Cinnamon

Believe it or not, Watkins Cinnamon is what got me in the Watkins Business. “How in the world did Watkins Cinnamon get you excited about a part-time Watkins Home business?” I’m sure your asking yourself. Glad you asked! Seriously I’ve been looking 4-ever for a part-time home business. I’ve sent off for info [...]

Watkins Cinnamon Spice Cookies

Watkins Recipe for Cinnamon Spice Cookies
This wonderful holiday recipe came directly from WatkinsOnline.com If you’ve not gone there yet, you need to. The recipes are wonderful and best of all: FREE! While on the Watkins website you can also browse the wonderful products Watkins has. Over 350 in fact! Just remember that when you find [...]

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